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U Visa

The U visa is a non-immigrant visa that provides legal protection to victims of certain crimes who have suffered mental or physical harm and are helpful to law enforcement. It's a great option for those who are in danger at home and want to stay in the United States. 

  • What Crimes Qualify for a U Visa?  Victims of the following crimes can be considered for a U Visa:  rape; torture; trafficking; incest; domestic violence; sexual assault; abusive sexual contact; prostitution; sexual exploitation; stalking; female genital mutilation; being held hostage; peonage; involuntary servitude; slave trade; kidnapping; abduction; unlawful criminal restraint; false imprisonment; blackmail; extortion; manslaughter; murder; felonious assault; witness tampering; obstruction of justice; perjury; fraud in foreign labor contracting; or attempt, conspiracy, or solicitation to commit any of the above-mentioned crimes.
  • How do I Qualify for a U Visa?  You must be the victim of a qualifying crime, and been helpful in the investigation or prosecution of the crime that occurred in the United States. You must have suffered substantial harm as a result of being the victim of the crime and show that you a person of good moral character. 
  • Do I Need an Attorney? It's important to work closely with an attorney if you plan on applying for a U visa because it can be complex and there are many requirements. A lawyer will help you gather documentation, prepare your application, negotiate with the government agency, and deal with any problems that may arise during the process. 

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